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Barcelona based quality streetwear brand. Street style baddie aesthetic clothing. Inspired and created for woman that love themselves.



These are the pillars on which Belleck stands, a brand inspired and created for women. 

story of belleck

Great things are coming…

Belleck was born in 2020, with one goal, to dress those women who were looking for a comfortable and comfortable look, all without giving up style. 

As a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion underwent a change without return; teleworking and the promotion of sports and healthy living imposed comfort, with the rise of garments such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. This new trend was here to stay.
belleck ambassador sitting in a sofa
belleck's inspo pic
black belleck's streetwear hoodie
Clothing doesn't make us iconic,
attitude does.

Now more than ever, quality versus quantity must be advocated.


For this reason, at Belleck we are committed to local and proximity production, and we control and monitor the entire process, from creation to production and delivery, and always looking for the best materials. Thus, all the care we put into creating our garments is reflected in them: the quality of the fabrics, the unmatched soft touch and the creativity of our designs make Belleck a unique brand.

Belleck's iconic tshirt
belleck black tshirt
We get inspire from entrepreneur, independent, confident and empowered women, that at the same time are sensitive to sustainability and, above all, they care about treating themselves.
belleck colorful logo
Slay girl, you are smashin' it

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